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Handmade Dishwashing Jute Scrubber – 4evaeco


Handmade Dishwashing Jute Scrubber


Eco-friendly, handmade crochet dishwashing cloth/scourer made from jute plant fiber which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. (Approx 11cm diameter)

Jute is a very strong and durable natural fiber, which makes this scrubber last for a several months.

Creating enough suds, easily scrub away any leftovers, residues or grease from plates, pots and pans without scratching non-stick and delicate surfaces.

Replace plastic dishwashing sponge that will release microplastics directly into the ocean with durable & sustainable scrubber.

Ethically handmade in Sydney.



  • Handmade crochet dishwashing scourer (Diameter Approx 11cm)
  • Made of 100% natural jute fiber which is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Plastic free, chemical free and non-toxic
  • Reusable, durable and eco-friendly
  • Perfect size and thickness to hold and clean
  • Can be used as a surface cleaning purpose (i.g. scrubbing shower screen & tiles in the bathroom)
  • Sturdy but gentle. Won’t scratch the surfaces.

  • Easy hanging to dry

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 12 cm
Scrubber Packs

1 piece, 2 pieces


100% Natural jute twine


Diameter: approximately 12 cm


Made in Sydney, Australia

Use & Care Instructions

– Rinse off large leftover food from dishes before use to keep the scrubber fresh for longer.

– To clean, thoroughly rinse out any food particles. Hand wash cold with a natural or mild detergent.

– Reshape and hang to air dry after each use.

– Do not leave damp or in water for prolonged periods as jute readily absorbs water.

– No bleach, harsh chemicals or tumble dry.

– When it reaches the end of life, simply toss in the garden to break down as this is 100% compostable.


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