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Our New Plastic-free Item is available!

in News 26 Jul 2020

If you care about the environment, I think you have stopped using or buying single-use plastic such as cling wraps and ziplock bags.

But how about your dishwashing sponges?

If you buy sponges at the supermarket, you notice that they start to shed the tiny particles after a week or two.

The problem is that these sponges are actually made from plastic and every time you wash the dishes, microplastics are washing straight down the drains into our water systems, then eventually into the ocean.

Microplastics stay in the water for centuries, polluting the sea and damaging marine organisms and ecosystems.

Imagine how many microplastics you are releasing by using these plastic sponges every day?

Our dishwashing scrubbers are made from natural jute fiber.
100% biodegradable and compostable 🌱
Durable and long lasting.

Ditch plastic sponge for our beautiful environment!
It’s time to make a better choice💚

More information about the jute scrubber, Click Here

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