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How to Celebrate Earth Day

Restore Our Earth

This is the theme of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day has been celebrated on 22 April since 1970 to appreciate and respect the natural world and to improve the environment.
By celebrating and being aware about the various environmental challenges our planet faces, together we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and other environmental destruction.

Vegan Easter Eggs

Easter celebration is always fun for everyone from kids to adults especially if you are a chocoholic!

There’s a huge amount of choice available in shops whether it’s an egg, a bunny, or a chick and you’re more likely to overindulge on chocolate during this Easter season.

So this year, why don’t you choose quality over quantity and make your Easter treats at home?

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Tofu Tart

If you are looking for a healthy Valentine’s Day sweet without plastic packaging this year, I would like you to try this!

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Tofu Tart

Unlike any other rich chocolate desserts, this is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free!
Instead of using heavy cream in the filling, tofu is used. So it’s very healthy!

World Vegan Day

1st of November is World Vegan Day.

This day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world to promote the joys and benefits of being vegan and raise awareness about animal rights and the environmental issues.

Halloween Pumpkin Tart

Halloween is fast approaching!

I can’t believe how fast time has passed since we celebrated Halloween with a lot of fun treats last year!

The last year’s Halloween party was a real success because of the spooky, funny and very cute sweets that everyone could enjoy by the look, the variety and the different flavours.

Homemade Hand Soap

Few months ago, I started making my hand soaps at home.

It’s because we had to wash our hands quite often due to COVID-19 and needed a lot of hand soaps.
But I didn’t want to buy plastic bottles that were going to go to the landfill after the end of each use.

Since I started DIY, the plastic packaging that I buy from the shops has been decreased significantly and I’m so happy about it!

DIY Edible Face Masks

I constantly make my own oat milk at home because it’s environmentally friendly, healthy for my digestive system, easy to make, cheap and yummy. But there is one more reason.

Gluten free Vegan Cereal Bars

How is your Plastic Free July challenge going?
We hope your journey is going smoothly so far.

In the previous post, I mentioned how my family is trying to live a sustainable lifestyle to reduce plastic waste and one of the tips was making DIY products.

So over the next few posts, I actually would like to show you the steps how I make plastic free products!

My Plastic Free Journey

Plastic Free July is just around the corner.

It is a global movement across 177 countries, helping millions of people being a part of the solution to plastic pollution.

If you are here, you might have already started minimizing the single-use plastic waste at home, work, school, and even at your local cafe and restaurant.